On Line Application

Instraction Application Form for Admission

1. Application form for Admission

Download link application form this below

2. Read Our Term And Condition

  1. Fill the application form
  2.  Scan copy pasport required
  3. Visa photo 3,3 x 4,8 (6) (white background)
  4. Certificate and Transcript (must be ntarized to proof it is genius)
  5. Guarantor
  6. Student Declaration
  7. Take the placement test in Indonesia. (supporting by PH)
  8. Resume (with home address, phone, e-mail).
  9. HSK (if any)
  10. Visa Aplication form JW 202 (supporting by PH)
  11. Health Report (supporting by PH)
  12. Interview with PH educatin consulting.
  1. High School Graduate, must be non-chinese citizen.
  2. The students must be above 18 years old or high school graduate.
  3. Good conduct and attitute.
  4. The student must obtain HSK 4 with 300 score in order to enroll for degree programs (there will be a small cost for HSK 4 test).
  5. All students must pass the HSK 4 and mandarin courses in order to maintain the scholarship.
  6. Students will be cancel the sholarship if they fail thel HSK 4 in the first year, if the student continur to stay, they must pay their own.
  7. Students must be clear from any desease like TB, Aids etc. Visa will be not issue if there is any illness.

3. Upload your file