This scholarship supporting by Chinese Ministry of Education in China, in the future will be some university can be participated in this scholarship program.

This university can cover the following :

  • Free tuiton (half year mandarin), (maximum 2 semester), and later major)
  • Free Accomodation
  • Free Registration Fee
  • Monthly of RMB 800-1000 for 10 months per student.

This scholarship will be based on yearly performance; It is not automatic for three years scholarship., therefore student must perform very good in the first year to continue. However, the international student must pay the following :

  • Ticketing, admission fee, health check , Change student visa, books, placement test in Indonesia : Rp. 35,000,000 (not including mandarin preparation course).
  • Or Rp. 40.500.000 including Holiday Program in June (Chongqing city , university, China culture orientation, mandarin learning introduction) for 12 days.
  • Special books needed later (if necessary).
  • Insurance : RMB 800 (Rp 1,600,000)/year.